Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Character Rotation

Now that people are starting to check out my website I just wanted to teach people how to leave comments for people who have never seen blogs before.

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There that was easy, now it will e-mail me so I know you looked at it! Unfortunately you can't comment on my animations on youtube without having an account first.

Also for those who have never used blogs before, if you click on the images in my posts you can see them bigger.

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Now on to the more interesting stuff.

The image below is the character rotation that we handed in today. I think it turned out pretty good! Better then the character I did for my portfolio to get in to animation. It's a lot less stressful when your not thinking about how your whole intellectual career hangs on the one drawing, so I got to experiment and be a little more free about the design of this character.

I still felt kind of rushed though, we had 4 weeks to do it, but with all the other homework it's really not that long. But the teacher said he's not looking for perfection since it's our first project. Apparently the next assignments will be "a lot more fun" and "less structured".

Somehow the scan turned out all mucky, I think the school's scanners need to be cleaned. My scanner isn't hooked up yet because I keep forgetting to get the cord from home. It's a bit of a hassle to use the scanners at school, as far as I know there are only two rooms with scanners and the doors to those rooms are locked arbitrarily.

Another thing that bugs me is that our perspective class is in a small English room in the E wing instead of a drafting room in the animation building. Our big sketchpads don't even fit on the tables. I know for a fact that the art fundamentals program has big drafting rooms and they are paying significantly less then us... suspicious if you ask me. It's very frustrating knocking elbows and poking each other with our long metal rulers in a tiny, hot room.

I don't mean to complain though, I'm having so much fun. We watch and study cartoons all the time, what can be better then that? I'm learning so much and all the teachers are helpful and knowledgeable, it's great. Especially in life drawing where we're learning anatomy, I'm finding it really interesting. Studying all those bones has been giving me some weird nightmares though.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Warming Up

It's week Four and things are starting to get rolling. The first of my projects are due this week, specifically a character rotation and storyboard. The real push comes next week when our painting and all three ball animations are due.

As I've been telling people, the ball animations in all are approximately 175 drawings, and that's only for a couple seconds. Honestly though I can't wait to learn longer and more complex techniques.

I'm going to create a mailing list to send out when I update, so keep an eye out for that on my main site and in your inboxes! Once I find out how... I have to change the link colours too because no one seems to be able to tell that they are links! Maybe I will turn them in to buttons...

While focusing on school work I'm finding it hard to find energy to cook, shop and clean. After a long, wonderful summer I guess I just have to get back into being a student.

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Here's some drawings for two life drawing assignments; hands and bones.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

First Post

I'm really excited because I finally got my domain, my videos and my website up! Yay! So now I can keep everyone updated on what I am doing in school. For starters, go check out my new website and videos.

Here's something I drew in English last week.

Stay tuned for updates.